Human Resources Division


The BSG Human Resources Division is responsible for HR functions of the B-Sure Group and outsources its functions to all B-Sure companies.

The goal of the Division is to ensure all BSG staff are productive, satisfied and motivated. The HR Division puts a lot of effort into ensuring all channels of communication are kept open and that the staff members feel comfortable raising any issues that might hinder their performance and/or satisfaction.

The Division is slowly but surely moving away from the traditional role of merely industrial relations and recruitment and has incorporated employee wellbeing and mentorship into all aspects of the Division's responsibilities.

Industrial Relations

Industrual relations (or employment relations) is about the dynamics of the employment between employees and their employers. This wide and rich field of study incorporates many facets of this relationship including:

  • work place/management practices: job design, appraisals, performance management, employee engagement
  • employee representation: trade unions, employee voice
  • conflict: nature and scope of conflict, means and procedures of conflict
  • workplace policies: grievances and discipline, equality and diversity, outsourcing
  • work environments: labour markets, employment law, globalisation

The Division is fully capable of conducting any and all Labour and Industrial Relations on an ad hoc basis. The HR team ensures they keep abreast of all legislative changes to ensure that all procedures are compliant with relevant legal guidelines, including but not limited to the Labour Relations Act, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Employment Equity Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Skills Development Act, and Unemployment Insurance Act.


The HR Division is dedicated to sourcing skilled individuals who are not only motivated but who also fit the group's organisational culture and portray the values of "Brilliance", "Service", "Unity","Reliability", and "Ethics".

All individuals are put through a full induction program given by the Group HR Manager to introduce them to the relevant company and the Groups values. Such a program is crucial to reduce attrition and increase commitment to the company and its values.

Salary Structure

BSG strives to pay employees competitive salaries. BSG rewards determined staff members and put a lot of emphasis on performance. Monthly performance reviews are conducted with each individual employee so that they are able to identify key strengths and weaknesses and put plans for growth in motion.

BSG structures both industry and department specific performance related packages with clear tangible goals and subsequent rewards. This is done with the assistance of custom Key Performance Indicators per department. These KPI's focus not only on performance relating to targets but also focus on holistic management of the employee.

Employee Wellbeing

BSG understands that our employees are our most valuable assets and it is our employees that contribute to the successes of each individual company and the Group as a whole. As such, we are careful not to take our staff members for granted and not to mike the fatal mistake of focusing only on external factors that contribute to a company’s success. It is important for BSG to ensure that all employees are satisfied, productive, engaged, and committed. In order to achieve this, a lot of effort is spent on organising initiatives that promote employee wellbeing, including:

  • Social Events
  • Departmental, Company, and Group Team Builders
  • Corporate Social Investment Initiativ
  • Award and Reward Programs

BSG understand that each company has its culture and projects and initiatives are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual culture. It is also important that the Group interacts with another to ensure unity amongst all BSG employees.

BSG Financial Division


The BSG Finance Division is commited to excellence in providing sound financial management and consultative services. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide support that enhances operational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as fulfilling fiduciary and statutory requirements.

We provide reliable and sound short, medium, and long term financial strategies to ensure the long term sustainable financial viability of the corporation and effective stewardship of financial services.

Financial Guidance

The BSG Finance Division consists of individuals with a wide range of experience, qualifications and views which are brought into consideration when preparing documents/calculations etc. for the Executive Committee. This data is used by the Executive Committee of the relevant entity to make sound financial decisions.

Consistent research is being conducted in order to ensure that all statutory requirements of BSG are met and that all the information is kept up to date.

Statutory Reqirements

All the statutory requirements of BSG are maintained by the Finance Division. All documents are submitted on time and recons prepared to ensure the accuracy of all the information. Examples of documents submitted include but are not limited to the following: VAT Returns, EMP forms as well as the Annual Financial Statements that need to be submitted to the Financial Services Board. Correctly submitting the required documents mitigates error as incorrect data capturing can lead to interest and penalties which can severely cripple an entity financially.

Audit Preparation

The Finance Division has the advantage of individuals who have experience in previous employment at International Audit Firms. This ensures that the Finance Division can create an in depth audit file and can ensure that all the necessary information which will be required by the auditors are included. This speeds up the auditing process as well as reducing the cost of the audit as a lot of the work has already been performed and only needs to be reviewed by the auditors saving time which then leads to saving costs.

Information Technology Division


BSG IT Division is made up of a complex environment of hardware, software and computer networks that allow you to perform important business critical functions. BSG's success depends on it being able to use these functions reliably and efficiently.

The IT Division aims to provide the highest quality of technology-based services, strategic direction within the IT environment and the most reliable support across a multitude of service environments.

Technology Infrastructure Delivery

Our obligation is to maintain a reliable and scalable information technology infrastructure, enabling innovative uses of technology for corporate excellence, while balancing cost efficiency and future growth requirements.

The core focus is to:

  • Provide a reliable and secure infrastructure on which to base current and future corporate technology systems.
  • Support, maintain and expand networking connectivity wired and wireless.
  • Deploy and ensure support of a common infrastructure that meets the corporation's business profile.
  • Keep systems, software, security and environments up to date with the latest trends and requirements.

Corporate Security and Availability

Our goals is to maintain secure information technology environments, always ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information and systems. This is accomplished by:

  • Ensuring the availability of systems through Disaster Recovery planning, testing and execution.
  • Enforcing secure and effective access to technology resources through use of authentication and identity management technologies, allowing you access to information from anywhere in the world.
  • Monitoring and protecting the network from threats posed by malicious entities located inside and outside the corporation, ensuring data integrity.

Constant Evolution

  • Keeping up to date with latest trends and technologies.
  • Ensuring updates, upgrades and enchancements are applied to all information technology sectors.
  • Training all IT staff on a multitude of technologies and environments critical to corporate requirements. Keeping up to date with industry threats and shortcuts, ensuring constant uptime and productivity from our staff accross the company.
  • With in-house development, the group is constantly writing new programs to ensure the utmost performance of all the staff as well as every Division, keeping the companies as competitive as possible in their respective fields.

Information Technology

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide information technology education through the use of training opportunities and the adoption of technology enabled business processes. This ability allows us to:

  • Support the corporation's effort to identify and implement opportunities for technology education to allow staff, Management and 3rd parties to develop and improve technology understanding.
  • Provide technological professional development and training for Management and staff with personal and online applications.
  • Support the corporations in providing staff with online technologies and learning experiences that increase information literacy and workforce preparedness.
  • The above is a massive contributor to increasing productivity whilst decreasing input.

BSG IT Division Summarised

  • Reduce Labour Costs
  • Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified
  • Compliance, Security and Up-to-date Technology
  • Full support and service accross multiple environments
  • Network, Data, Security, Support and Servers

Marketing Division

If sales is the driving force of a company, we believe that Marketing is the Soul.

As with any Marketing Team there are certain external marketing requirements that need to be managed such as, but not limited to:

  • Adverts
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets
  • Weekly Mail blasts
  • General Marketing Material and Gifts
  • Social Media awareness

However BSG's marketing Division also works hand in hand with the HR Division to ensure that internal marketing requirements and employee wellbeing initiatives are managed with marketing flair.

Our Marketing Team's first obligation is to the BSG employees and then to our external requirements.

Both the HR Division and BSG EXCO committee work hand in hand with the Marketing Division to ensure that BSG employees don't just pay lip service to our culture, but actually live it.

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