Core Focuses

As a group, B-Sure Group Holdings has a fervent appetite for growth. We have learnt over the years in various fields, that our strengths lie in the ability to centralise our ancillary departments and strategise by way of intercompany leveraging. Utilising key players from each of our entities allows us to understand potential needs of new venture markets, helping us to achieve strong penetration of the industry.




Insurance Solutions

Our Insurance portfolio consists of a number of Short term Brokerages specializing in Short Term Personal lines and Commercial Lines, a Long Term Brokerage specializing in Life, Investment and Medical as well as a panel shop. The combination of our portfolio enables us to facilitate all of our clients insurance needs.

IT Solutions

With the technology evolution curve being exponential, keeping your business protected and up to date is becoming ever more necessary. Our IT businesses are built to facilitate the full spectrum of IT needs.

Property Solutions

Our property division consists of a number of Estate Agencies around the country, complimented by an architectural firm offering architectural as well as interior design services.

Business Solutions

To facilitate our valued clients additional needs, we have added a host of business support businesses to our portfolio.

About Us

B-Sure Group Holdings was founded in 2015 as an investment holding company. It is invested in a diverse portfolio of unlisted companies, with key holdings in the Information Technology, Telecoms, Recruitment, Property and Financial Services sectors. Whilst the group’s current investments are focused primarily in South Africa, we are currently busy with feasibility studies for expansion into Sub Saharan Africa, Australia and Mauritius.

Our growth strategy consists of three key elements;

  • Venture Capital (Funding and guiding of startup businesses)
  • Acquisition (The outright purchase of a current running entity)
  • Partnering (Buying a portion of a current running entity or starting up a joint venture)

Why Partner With Us

B-Sure Group Holdings Contribution

B-Sure Group Holdings commits to adding value to an entity by way of Financial Commitment, Corporate Guidance, Corporate Backing and Stability as well as Continued Staff Management.

Financial Commitment

B-Sure Group Holdings offers various financial backing schemes based on the type of business in question. This can range from startup capital, to full Financial and Management investment.

Corporate Guidance

B-Sure Group Holdings will use its experience in a multitude of fields to ensure that our acquisitions and partners continue to grow from strength to strength. B-Sure Group Holdings prides itself on its ability to achieve marketing penetration in a multitude of diverse markets. Constant guidance of the staff in terms of training, coaching, mentoring and goal management techniques ensures that all of our divisions have the feel of a corporate right off the mark, and allows them to compete with the current leaders in their respective industries.

Corporate Backing and Stability

As with all companies, there is a massive need to ensure that your ancillary functions are performed in a matter that is both conducive to performance as well as in line with all current legislation. B-Sure Group Holdings has a group hub of Shared Services and Key Strategic Divisions that allow our group of companies access to information and guidance on all current legislation and procedures, allowing each company to focus on its core business, whilst all back office items are managed in a corporate environment by the hub.

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